Fundraising Tips

Raising a good amount of money is clearly vital to many organisations just to keep going. But thinking up novel fundraisers not only aids you to bring in much needed cash but can also lift the profile of your group or cause.

Many ideas are tested but the great charity fundraisers come about when others try to think outside the box a bit. Even if you can't conjure a completely new fundraiser try to think how you might change or alter an existing plan. How can you add some worth?

Have a think

A great way to start is by examining your cause and having a thinking session around it. Use it as your main focus but then let your imagination run wild. You might be amazed with what you come up with. Even bizarre and wacky ideas can work if you can get more people behind them.

If you are excited about your cause it will come through in all your charity's activities!

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Fundraising Tips

Sell stuff - Buy or make items that you can sell to raise money. There are many companies who sell goods wholesale to non-profits for resale. A hot trend right now is to sell chocolate or other candies that most people enjoy. Perhaps you or someone you know has a creative talent, such as making jewelry or quilting. Try selling homemade items for at least £1.00 each. Offer to do chores around the neighborhood to walk some one's dog or to to yard work for somebody that you know.

Hold a small event - Write down the people you know nearby. Do you know any musicians or celebrities who would play a benefit show? Ask a club you frequent if they would be willing to set aside a special night where a percentage of the door/drinks goes towards your cause if you get people in the door.
Have an auction - Silent auctions are the easiest to organize and often bring the greatest returns. Ask local retailers if they would like to donate goods or services. They get a nice tax write off, advertising and good PR. Have stuff for as many price ranges as you can find. Spa treatments, hotel weekends and gift certificates are big sellers.

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